The Final Pages of The Forgotten Chapter

Circus Family

This page contains links to various projects, festivals, & performers that keep the dream of a healing circus alive. We like to be inclusive so don’t fret if you feel that something is missing, drop us a note and we’ll add it.

Living Folklore– Specializing in giant puppet parades, stilt walkers, and kids shows, Living Folklore was formed in 1996 when the circus first splintered off into multiple groups. Living Folklore characters can be found at large music festivals hosting the children’s area, art gallery openings, or large street parades.

Mural Mice– The famed artist who created all of the original circus posters, R. E. Wall, now specializes in giant community murals that educate about history and culture.

Dennis The Red– Puppeteer, clown, musician, filmmaker who filmed and produced the first television content for the circus at Tucson Public Access, continues to tour with Living Folklore at festivals throughout the country bringing smiles to children everywhere. he is currently creating a wonderful television series that teaches about nature and culture called Teddy The Traveler.


March Fourth Marching Band– Stilts, horns, dancers and more. March Fourth is a swirling volcano of high energy music and spectacle with a rallying cry of JOY NOW!

Faerieworlds Festival– Co-Founder and lead writer for the original circus band (Spirit Union Revival), Emilio Lopez, has created a large and wonderful series of festivals filled with masked characters, ceremony, and live music. Many of the events are headlined by Emilio and his wife Kelly’s enchanted band, Woodland.

Clowns Not Bombs– They take the ridiculous quite seriously! Clown,

Carpet Bag Brigade– Jay Ruby, also founder of Tsunami on The Square Street Theater Festival in Prescott, Arizona, is a master stilt walker and performance artist who founded The Carpetbag Brigade, now based in San Francisco.

Flam Chen– The amazing fire troupe that helped to launch Tsunami on The Square Street Theater Festival has been creating, performing, and touring new circus and fire theater since 1994.

Common Vision– Common Vision brings inspiring and relevant earth education to diverse communities to cultivate dynamic and experienced leaders in sustainability practice and education. With a fleet of vegetable-powered vehicles, a dedicated staff, and big vision, Common Vision’s mobile operation weaves a wide network in California as it creates and inspires collaborations amongst schools, farms, volunteers, mentors, nurseries, musicians, and native peoples.

Greg Ruby Music– Greg, AKA Sir Real, stilt walking guitarist and songwriter for The Circadelic Mayhem Arkestra continues to write, play and teach music in Seattle.

Culture Collective– is a non-profit off-shoot of Living Folklore. Culture Collective produces events and media of an educational nature for all ages with a focus on culture, community, and environment. Seeking to inspire creative collaborations, Culture Collective invites participation in dialogue across diverse disciplines while encouraging positive social and environmental action towards a better future.