The Final Pages of The Forgotten Chapter


Life is not measured by what you know, it is measured by what you are willing to explore of the unknown and the inspiration you share along your journey.

The Circus

Long ago, a group of young people from all over the country convergedĀ on a small mountain town in an unexpected place to make a circus. It was filled with a lot of absurdity, drama, fun and creative inspiration (on AND off the stage) that sent ripples across time and space. Epic things can be born when people believe that music, art, community and dreamsĀ  can save the world from imminent calamity & boredom.

Git On Da Bus!

There comes a time when we must live up to the promise of a better future. A time to make the stories of those who came before us live again. A time to dance a new world into being & celebrate the mystery we call life. That time is now!

In The Beginning…

The circus is no more, yes that was once said, the rebirth shall only come after the dead…”
-What’s Become of The Circus?

"Some Secrets Weren't Meant to be Kept"

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