The Final Pages of The Forgotten Chapter


Life is not measured by what you know, it is measured by what you are willing to explore of the unknown and the inspiration you share along your journey.

Deep within your heart, where the rhythmic pulse of waves slam upon the shores of dreams. There, buried in the moist sand, protected from the elements, is a Box of Secrets. Each one is a poem, song, dance, painting, story, waiting to be discovered and told or whispered upon the ears of silence, melting into silky sunrises with the warm glow of a dripping candle. The box can not be opened without the key, but when it slides into that lock and slowly turns to open what has been kept within, your world will change forever.

For Berkana Thorson, the boxes were left in her attic, covered by broken dreams and family wounds, waiting to be rediscovered in a future time. Now, a growing circle of friends are ready to put the pieces together and add color to a dream of magic and healing that was forgotten long ago. You can learn more about what was actually in the box, and explore the contents yourself by starting here.

This is a global invitation to a world wide celebration that requires YOUR full participation. So listen to the wind and follow your heart, The Forgotten Chapter will be forgotten no more, Welcome to The Age of Living Folklore!

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